Koshi Nishimura



Tokyo Sky Tree under construction (taken from the window of my lab) 2011.04.20

Las Vegas Stratosphere Tower  2010.07.18

Las Vegas Stratosphere Tower

With Dr. Chen @ Aso Volcanological Lab, Kyoto Univ. 2009.03.24

Sakurajima Volcano. Marie-san & Shibata-san

CGS-AIST research group, South Africa 2009.09.17

High radiation ! Weathered carbonatite in South Africa

Beautiful bird in South Africa

Eclipse @ Beppu, Japan 2009.07.22

Hawaii’s Big Island

Death Valley Museum

Death Valley 190 feet below sea level

Playa, Death Valley

Union Square, San Francisco (AGU Fall Meeting) 2009.12.16

Aira tuff, Kagoshima, Japan. With Shibata-san (Kyoto Univ.)

Playa, Nevada 2010.07.13